Faculty-led programs


Attention ALL STUDENTS: If you started in Fall 2016, you are eligible to use your  $2000 [GPS] award starting in January 2018! That means that, startyou can take $2000 off the price of your trip. If you started at Whittier before fall 2016, don’t’ worry.  We have substantial scholarships to help you!!!   We want all Whittier students to go abroad.

Fill out your application below!  We will let you know if you got your 1st choice, 2nd choice or if you are waitlisted for January.  And don’t worry, we have faculty led trips to places all over the world every January and May!!!

 Apply to join the Cuba, Paris, Brazil, South Africa Trips!

January 2018 Faculty-Led Application (Limited Space Available)


May 2018 Faculty-Led Application  (Due no later than October 27th at 5pm)


Please note that applying for a semester abroad program is a completely different process. Click here if you want to know more about semester programs.

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Students on a faculty-led class in Paris