England: Canterbury Pilgrimage (J17)

Dr. Sean Morris is going back to England!  Join him for this pilgrimage to London and Canterbury. The course is an exploration of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales that takes students through the streets of London and Canterbury.  Pilgrims–that’s you–will see the overlapping layers of text and history as you explore Chaucer’s text and places and people that […]

Foro Romano

Greece & Rome: Classical Greece and Rome (J17)

Professor: Drs. Hunt and Furman Price: $2500 Credits: 3 Course Desc: This course provides a remarkable grounding in the humanities by taking us back to the beginnings of Western civilization in ancient Greece and Rome.  The time period covered is roughly the ninth century B.C.E. to the fourth century of the common era: the so-called […]

Costa Rica: Environmental Studies & Literacy Project (J17)

Students  choose between Environmental Science 360 (Dr. Fissore) or Urban education EDUC 220/520 (Dr. Soto-Hinman) for their study in Costa Rica. Price: $2200.00–includes lodging, most meals, and all in-country transport. Lib Ed: Natural Sciences (ENVS), CHDV Cultural Context of Childhood Click here for lodging and location info: Locations in Costa Rica 2017. Both trips also include lodging, in-country transport, […]

Spain: Progressive Teaching and Learning in Sevilla (J17)

Course Name: Education 282, Progressive Teaching and Learning in Sevilla Professor: A. Guevarra Credits: 4 Lib Ed.: CUL-6, Service Learning Price: approx. $1600 (subject to change) Tentative Dates: January 8-21, 2017 Description: This course enables undergraduate and graduate students to understand the principles and practices of community-based education through both participation and academic study at […]