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Germany (May 17): Managing Multinational Enterprises

BSAD 333: Managing Multinational Enterprises & International Finance

Profs: Dan Duran and Fatos Radoniqi

Price:  $2920  or $4544 including airfare!!!! There will also be a small additional fee from OIP to cover healthcare and liability.
Note: We strongly encourage you to lock in your fare and use our affiliate as your travel agent! You can book your departure from your home in the U.S. to Germany at your convenience.
Credits: 4
Lib Ed: CUL 6 (Cross Cultural)
Pre-Reqs: BSAD 130 or by instructor permission, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors welcome.  Freshmen should speak with Dr. Radoniqi or Dr. Duran.

About the course:

This team-taught course is designed to expose students to the theory and practice of managing multinational businesses in the global business world by taking students to visit key locations and companies (Porsche, BMW, Daimler-Benz, among others) while also exploring the role of financial markets and ethics within the marketplace.


This course will focus on both the core economic and the external” factors and issues that drive international business strategies and support sustainable development,  including immigration, environmental preservation, and technology development. Similarly, international issues like global production, marketing, corruption, currency speculation, and cultural diversity require advanced management expertise and managers with global visions to properly duran-germanyaddress them. We will focus on these and other issues during this class with the intent of understanding these powerful economic and social forces as they influence and impact sustainable development strategies, policies, and programs by multinational firms headquartered in Germany and the EU.

Germany has been the key economic strategist and business leader of the European Union. Many  of the multinational firms headquartered in Germany have forged an integrated approach to responsible sustainable business development both in Germany and  the other nations where they operate. Students will have an opportunity to meet with senior business executives of large multinational firms as well with academic scholars and representatives of NGOs and IGOs to learn first-hand about the strategies, policies, and programs that have been developed and implemented  in Germany and the EU. Germany is also undergoing great stress as the EU struggles with immigration from refugees from the Middle East and other nations in turmoil and the exodus of labor and talent from other EU nations has resulted in hurdles and opportunities for German based multinational firms.  Students from multiple disciplines (e.g. Buiness Administration, Political Science, Environmental Studies) will benefit from this course that will focus on what “works” as companies and nations craft sustainable development strategies that positively influence business without negatively impacting the environment or the cultural integrity of people and their national identities.

Outside of Dresden (Wikipedia)
Outside of Dresden (Wikipedia)












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