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Paris: People, Place and Revolutions (Jan 18)

Paris: People, Place, and Revolutions

Profs: Drs. Sage & Wallis
Cost/Fees: $2600 (airfare not included)
GPS [Global Poet Scholarship] Eligible: Yes!
GPS: Students who started in Fall 2016 can subtract $2000 from course fee total.
We have scholarships for rising Juniors and Seniors too!
Lib Ed: CUL 5, CON-1

All majors are welcome to apply!

Explore Paris in January 2018!


Enrollment Information
Open to: All students, permission only.  You must apply to the course by March 31st, 2017.
Students who have not already taken college-level French, should enroll in French 120 or an appropriate language course.
Upon acceptance, you receive permission to enroll in HIST/FREN 390a.
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Paris is one of the greatest cities in the world not only for its history and beauty, but for the streetlife and lifestyle its citizens lead. Students will have the opportunity to get to know Paris intimately, visit a multitude of museums and historic places, and live the life of a Parisian.  In fact, we want students to become Parisians to the extent possible and use tools that they acquired in the Fall course in order to make sense of the city of Paris, and hopefully, develop those tools in such a way that they can use them upon their return, to make sense of their own urban space and of the structures that lie beneath the surface appearance of their daily environment.  The course is structured to give you the historic, linguistic and cultural tools necessary to be more than an ordinary tourist.

Postcard (Courtesy Wikimedia)

Students will also learn to speak basic French and be able to use their language skills in the real world.  Your coursework will take you across the city to do fieldwork, learn about the city and its inhabitants and their way of life, and accomplish tasks for your group projects.  Our housing will be in or near the Marais area, within walking distance of Place Bastille, Musée Picasso, Centre Pompidou, Notre Dame, Hôtel de Ville and much more.



Accommodations in Paris
“I loved every part of the trip!”  “This experience was far beyond what I expected.” –students on a recent Whittier College trip.”









Your trip INCLUDES admission to over 40 museums in Paris including:
l’Arc de Triomphe
Le Louvre
Musée d’Orsay
La Conciergerie
La Sainte Chapelle
Musée Picasso
Musée Rodin
Chateau de Vincennes
Chateau de Versailles
and a lot more…

-Visits to numerous neighborhoods around the world’s most walkable city.
-Exploration of important historic sites
-Daily courses and/or fieldwork
-Metro pass with unlimited usage
-and more

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