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South Africa: Environment, Culture and Identity (Jan 2018)

South Africa: Environment, Culture and Identity (Jan 2018)
Professors: Dr. Cheryl Swift and Dr. Sara Angevine
Dates: Jan 18 (details)
Price: $2900 (estimated, does not include airfare to South Africa)
GPS [Global Poet Scholarship] Eligible: Yes!
GPS: Students who started in Fall 2016 can subtract $2000 from course fee total.

Two Trips in One: Dr. Swift (Environmental Studies) and Dr. Angevine (Political Science) team up to explore South Africa from a cultural and environmental perspective.

This course will focus on exploring and understanding the dynamic relationship between the physical environment, cultural diversity, and the multiple political identity formations in South Africa. The group will discuss the impact of apartheid and democratization in the country, visiting Robben Island, District Six Museum, and the Parliament in Cape Town, as well as many other activities and sites.

South Africa AngevineMidway through the course, half of the group will work with Dr. Swift on a field ecology research project on the Holsloot River in the mountains between Stellenbosch and Worscter. The other half of the group will work with Dr. Angevine to analyze the construction of political identities (focusing on gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and class), alternative forms of political resistance, and the future balance of power in the country.

At the end of course, the two groups will rejoin and fly to Johannesberg to drive to Kruger National Park. At the Park, students will experience world-class observation of large mammals and confront impressive biodiversity. Students will then combine their personal experiences and the theoretical frameworks they have learned to reflect on how they form their own political identities within a global context.



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