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England: Canterbury Pilgrimage (J17)

Dr. Sean Morris is going back to England!  Join him for this pilgrimage to London and Canterbury.

The course is an exploration of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales that takes students through the streets of London and Canterbury.  Pilgrims–that’s you–will see the overlapping layers of text and history as you explore Chaucer’s text and places and people that inspired it.

The course is for 3 credits and fulfills CUL 5. It is open to all majors and years, but students should have college-level experience with the Canterbury Tales.  Please contact Dr. Morris to speak with him if you have not had Chaucer in college.

CC, Wikipedia: "Prioress"
A Page from the Canterbury Tales (CC) Wikimedia


COST: $2600 (approx.; will be finalized Sep 1.)
Tentative DATES: January 5-17, 2017.
Credits: 3
Liberal Education Codes: CUL 5 (Europe)
Faculty Contact: Dr. Sean Morris

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