Upcoming Travel Dates


Arrive on site Depart for home Status of Dates
China May 27  June 10  Confirmed
Costa Rica  May 21 June 1  Confirmed
Denmark May 22  June 8  Confirmed
Hawai’i  June 7 June 18  Confirmed
 Italy (NORTH- Fissore) Arrive in Verona (VRN) or train*** before 6 pm May 30 June 14th (schedule your travel after noon!)  Confirmed
 Italy (SOUTH- Hunt)  Arrive in Rome (FCO)
May 23rd
 June 10, 2018 (With some students staying an extra night)  Confirmed

***For the trip to northern Italy, you should arrive in Verona, Italy (VRN) or Porto Nuovo TRAIN station by 6 pm on May 30th.  Departure  (6/14) should be be AFTER 12pm (noon) on June 14th.  Drop offs will be arranged for you on the 14th.  Follow your professor’s and OIP’s instructions carefully.  These will be distributed to you.

  • Also, remember that to arrive on site, you may have to leave at least 1 day before to account for changing time zones! Check your plane tickets to make sure you arrive on site at the designated time.
  • Please remember that with international travel dates are ALWAYS subject to change slightly, especially if it is more than 3 months before the program start.
  • We only recommend FAA  (U.S. Federal Aviation Assoc.) approved airlines.
  • Off program travel is your responsibility.  Arrange your travel so that you begin and end your program with the group.  Whittier cannot be responsible for off-program travel before, after or during your trip.
  • Always check-in with OIP before your purchase if you have any questions.  We are happy to help!!!

Note: Most travel dates are finalized about 3 months prior to departure.