Upcoming Travel Dates

These are the expected dates of our upcoming faculty-led courses abroad (and at home).

Arrive on site Depart for home Status of Dates
Rome Jan 7  Jan 26  Pending
London  Jan 13 Jan 26  Pending
Myanmar Jan 7 Jan 21  Pending
New York Jan 6 Jan 13  Pending
Mexico Jan Jan Pending
Spain Jan 8 Jan 23 Pending


  • Also, remember that to arrive on site, you may have to leave at least 1 day before your arrival date to account for travel time and changing time zones! Check your plane tickets to make sure you arrive on site at the designated time.
  • Please remember that with international travel,dates are ALWAYS subject to change, especially if it is more than 3 months before the program start.
  • We only recommend FAA  (U.S. Federal Aviation Assoc.) approved airlines.
  • Off program travel is your responsibility.  Arrange your travel so that you begin and end your program with the group.  Whittier cannot be responsible for off-program travel before, after or during your trip.
  • Always check-in with OIP before your purchase if you have any questions.  We are happy to help!

Note: Most travel dates are finalized about 3 months prior to departure.