January 2019 Trips Are Here!

Hi Whittier students!  Believe it or not it’s time to apply if you want to study abroad on a faculty-led course abroad next January (January 2019)!!!!  We’re adding information to this page on a regular basis, so you may want to check back once in a while.  Just click on the links to download the flyers for each travel course.  Note that information may change!!! Currencies are in flux right now.


Destination Course Profs Price GPS
Sydney, Australia BSAD 423:  International Marketing!  [brochure coming soon!] (EXTENDED SPRING BREAK) Duran 3200 YES!
Greece-Rome INTD 290: Greece and Rome  (must sign up for 3 credit fall course) Hunt & Furman-Adams 3200 YES!
London, England BSAD 222: Financial Institutions in London Radoniqi 3200 YES!
Myanmar (Burma) REL or ENVS 390: Sacred Spaces and Biodiversity in Myanmar Swift & Carbine 3900 (includes air!!!) YES!
New York City, USA ENGL 390: Experimental Theater IN NYC J. Burton 1200 No (U.S. Based)*
Sevilla, Spain SPAN 290: Sevilla Maravilla, Language and Culture in Spain Chabran 3100 YES!
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (New!) ENGL 290: Writing Poetry in Mexico. Includes Airfare! Barnstone 2700 YES!

Sophomores and Juniors who will have spent three semesters at Whittier by the time of travel and who have not used their GPS funds already,  are eligible for $2000 GPS scholarships to apply to course fees, Seniors $1000.  Prices and itineraries may change for many reasons (currency fluctuations, vendor costs, insurance, etc.), or any reason(!), though we do our best to plan and keep it stable.

*GPS is for international travel only.  However, OIP has already applied a subsidy to the price of this course to make it affordable.