Summer 2016: Diversity Abroad

Whittier is one of the most diverse private liberal arts in the United States and we’re proud to say that the diversity we have right here on campus is something we also take with us when we travel around the world. This summer alone, the 60 students who went on faculty-led trips to places like Greece, Denmark, Spain, Peru and Hong Kong, tell a story about Whittier’s diversity and our impact around the world.  In short, Whittier maintained our on-campus diversity while going abroad:

Whittier Faculty-Led Demographics Summer 2016

Whittier’s diversity abroad FAR outpaced the averages nationally and is in line with the the population of the overall student body at Whittier. The recent statistics from NAFSA (found below) are a good example of the limited access to study abroad at most U.S. institutions.

Data from NAFSA about national trends
Data from NAFSA about national trends


So study abroad!  At Whittier you can do it!  As we continue to look at our data for the year, I’ll post more trends and figures about Whittier students abroad.