Every year, Whittier College offers various faculty-led programs. Please connect with us in OIP about the offerings for May/June 2024 for course details and application procedures. Click on the images below for enlarged/complete view. The application forms for the courses are on this page.

  • Here are some notes about the upcoming travel/course dates:
    • PSYC 274: ʻOhana in the USA: Native Hawaiian Historical/Cultural Trauma and Cultural Resilience: course dates, May 13 – Jun 7; travel dates, May 25 – Jun 2.
    • KNS 290 / SPAN 390: History of and Culture of Sport in Spain / SPAN 390: Deporte y Cultura en España: course and travel dates, May 11 – 24.
    • Remember that to arrive on site, you may have to leave the U.S. 1 or even 2 days before your arrival date to account for travel time and changing time zones! Check your plane tickets to make sure you arrive on site at the designated time and place.
    • Please remember that with international travel, dates are ALWAYS subject to change, especially if it is more than 3 months before the program start.
    • We do not recommend specific airlines, however, an industry standard for safety is the FAA. Here is a list of  FAA  (U.S. Federal Aviation Assoc.) approved airlines.
    • Off program travel is your responsibility.  Arrange your travel so that you begin and end your program with the group.  Whittier is not responsible for off-program travel before, after or during your trip.
    • Always check-in with OIP before your flight purchase if you have any questions.  We are happy to help!
    • For somewhat down the road: Beginning May 7, 2025, the RealID act applies to domestic travel.

Note: Most travel dates are finalized about 3 months prior to departure.