China & Hong Kong May ’18

Course Name: Financial Institutions
Professor: Fatos Radoniqi
Credits: 4
Lib Ed.:  Culture 2
GPS [Global Poet Scholarship] Eligible: Yes!
GPS: Students who started in Fall 2016 can subtract $2000 from course fee total.
Cost/Fees: $3100 (estimated)

Using economics of information this course analyzes the functioning of financial markets and institutions and their role in allocating resources, managing risk, and exerting corporate governance over firms. This course aims to: a) provide students with the economic principles for understanding the emergence of financial institutions, their roles in shaping economic growth, business cycles, and crises; b) familiarize students with and help them think critically about both the economic reasons for government regulation of financial institutions and the political forces shaping actual regulatory choices; c) introduce students to the complexities of managing financial institutions; and, d) put forth ideas for how the financial system can be improved

This course is designed to give students a broad overview of the financial institutions used to coordinate the global flow of financial capital. From local credit unions to global re-insurance companies, these organizations affect the lives of the majority of humanity, playing a central role in allocating the world’s savings to the world’s investment projects. We begin with an overview of money, the financial system, its emergence and its functions in the economy.  We then delve deeper into the workings of the financial markets (bond, stock, and mortgage markets) as well as financial institutions such as commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, and the central banks. Hong Kong is consistently ranked as one of the top financial centers in the world. The ranking reflects key competitive areas including business environment, financial sector development, as well as infrastructure. Hong Kong is in the unique position where the global advantage and China advantage converge in one single city. As a gateway between China and the rest of the world, Hong Kong offers a unique opportunity to study the importance of financial markets in economic development and liberalization.A picture of a group of students in Hong Kong.

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