Southern Italy & Sicily May ’18

Course Name: Rome, Naples, Sicily: The Cultural Mosaic of Southern Italy
Professor: David Hunt
Credits: 3
Lib Ed.:  Culture 5
GPS [Global Poet Scholarship] Eligible: Yes!
GPS: Students who started in Fall 2016 can subtract $2000 from course fee total.
Cost/Fees: $3900

All majors are welcome to apply!

A three-week study tour of Southern Italy, visiting the city of Rome, the Bay of Naples (including Pompeii and Capri), and the island of Sicily. The course focuses on the rich history and cultural variety of the region, which contains more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any comparable area of the world.

This course focuses on the incredible variety of historical and cultural influences that have left their mark in Southern Italy. This location has become a cultural mosaic, and we will encounter examples of this during the course. While we will begin and end the course in Rome, the capital of the pagan Roman empire, we will also branch out to regions of Sicily to explore the wide variety of culture — specifically in the neighborhoods of the Albergheria district of Palermo. Students will gain a sense of how these cultures differ and will learn to recognize the diverse contributions of these cultures to the various monuments and sites that we visit.

An image of Cefalu, a city in Italy
Cefalu: Courtesy (CC) Wikimeda
Sample of Activities


  • Welcome and farewell dinner
  • Walking tours of historical centers: Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Palatine Chapel
  • Visits to archaeological sites
  • Villa Romana del Casale
  • Emperor Tiberius’ Villa Jovis
  • Buried cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum
  • Baroque gems (like the city of Noto)
  • Visits to cathedrals of Monreale and Cefalu
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