Whittier College and Hang Seng Management College are happy to announce an international collaborative prize competition for social innovation.Whittier - Hang Seng Management College International Social Innovation Competition IconThis inaugural competition is open to business students at both colleges with teams from each college eligible for prizes of $2500, $1500 and $1000.  For 2018-19, students from Hang Seng Management College will travel to Whittier in January.   Continue reading for important details… 


HSMC-Whittier Social Innovation Competition is a social innovation competition jointly organized by the Centre of Teaching and Learning (CTL), the Institute of Youth Sustainability and Leadership (IYSL), the Wu Jieh Yee Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WUCIE) at HSMC and Whittier College, Los Angeles, US (Whittier). Its primary aims are to increase awareness of students from both Colleges about the critical social and environmental issues locally or across the globe, and to promote innovative solutions for tackling social issues.  It also aims at encouraging cross-cultural understanding through collaborative teamwork formed across campuses.

This competition is open to Junior and Senior class Business Administration majors who wish to collaborate with business management students abroad (Hong Kong) to present and implement an innovative socially conscious proposal to address global economic issues of today.  You along with your Hong Kong collaborator will prepare, present and implement an original and innovative project to address one of the themes of this year’s competition as outlined below.


Students from both Colleges will work as collaborative teams to devise innovative ideas for one of the Sustainable Development Goals specified by the United Nations. In 2018/19, the chosen themes for the Competition are (Click here to download details):

  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Quality Education
  • Poverty
  • Reduced Inequalities
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

Each team will be formed with one student from each College. A maximum of 5 teams will be admitted for the Competition in 2018/19. The selection and the matching of the team members will be done based on the criteria set by a joint committee formed by the faculty members of both Colleges.


1. Applications open 10/8 until 10/22 (23:59). Application should will include details of the following (click here to access application):

  • Problem identification (identify a social problem from the five chosen themes above)
  • Existing solutions (if any)
  • Proposed solutions
  • Key stakeholder(s) engagement
  • Expected achievement through the Competition

2. Selection and announcement of finalists by tasks forces from each school. (end of October)

3. Announcement of finalists at each site. (End of October)

4. Each of the five Whittier finalists will team up with an HSMC student to form a team of two. They will need to work together via virtual meetings on a mutually agreed social issue under one of the potential themes below:

  • Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12)
  • Quality Education (Goal 4)
  • No Poverty (Goal 1)
  • Reduced Inequalities (Goal 10)
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities (Goal 11)

Please  Click to download UN Sustainable Development -5 Goals for more details about these themes.

5. Submission of preliminary proposal. (December 7)

  • Before submitting the preliminary proposal, each team should create a communication initiative (in form of social media platforms, websites, and/or exhibitions) to illustrate their chosen theme, the key message they want to deliver to the public and the rationales behind the key message (around 500 words) within November 2018. They are recommended to elaborate the research findings or statistics provided by international institutions such as World Bank, World Vision and United Nations etc. This will help you pave the way to address the social issues under the chosen theme through your proposed social innovation initiative.

6. HSMC students travel to Los Angeles for on-campus residency (25 January-2 February) The finalists will travel to the US to meet their teammates for finalising their social innovation initiatives, joining cultural exchange activities, and presenting their initiatives in the Final Competition hosted at Whittier College.   In 2020, the competition will be renewed and WC students will travel to HK.