Whittier College is pleased to be able to support students by offering scholarships for faculty-led courses with a number of internal scholarships:

  • [GPS]: Global Poet Scholarship–you do not need to apply if you started in fall of ’16 or later!  (Details)
  • The Hubert Perry Travel Study Scholarships: Open to all students going to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • The Pitts Family Foundation Scholarships:  For African-American Students, all locations
  • McBride-Perkins Fund Scholarships: Need-based and merit based scholarships open to all students.

Applying for any scholarship is a competitive process. Whittier will review documents using the same process with all applicants.  Scholarships are reviewed by members of the International Programs subcommittee and/or a selection of experienced faculty and staff.

Only full-time students in good academic and disciplinary standing, and who have completed the application process, are eligible.

Students who accept the scholarship must complete the overseas program and remain in good academic standing up to and throughout the time of the overseas program.

HOW TO:  You  apply for a scholarship within the application page (during the application process).
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