With a wide array of approved programs, we can help you find the best fit for your semester abroad.

Come see us in OIP for advising, price estimates based on your financial aid package, and more general information. Learn more about applying for a study abroad program.

As a Whittier College student, you have the option of an affiliate program or an exchange program as well as some exclusive Whittier College programs.

What’s the difference?

Affiliate programs are 3rd party providers who coordinate all of the details for a student’s semester abroad. Stop paying Whittier tuition for the semester and pay program fees directly. All federal and state financial aid will be sent to the program and you cover the rest.

Exchange programs give you the option to directly enroll into another school abroad. Pay Whittier tuition as usual for the semester, plus an additional fee to OIP for room, board, and health insurance.

(Our affiliate providers and exchange partners are chosen based on a number of factors: their history with the institution, their non-profit status, student-focused programming, and strong academic values.)

View our list approved programs here.