Trentino Northern Italy May ’18

Course Name:
Professor: Cinzia Fissore
Credits: 3
Lib Ed.:  Culture 5
GPS [Global Poet Scholarship] Eligible: Yes!
GPS: Students who started in Fall 2016 can subtract $2000 from course fee total.
Cost/Fees: $3500 (estimated)

Travel dates: 5/30/18-6/14/18



This faculty led course abroad will explore the northern Italian region of Trentino to look at modern-era relationships between humans and the environment. The self-autonomous region represents an ideal example of how sustainability and the responsible use of resources can be achieved with respect of cultural and historical traditions without sacrificing progress. Students will learn first-hand about challenges and opportunities related to sustainable development and will be pushed to make connections with their personal experience in the US in relation to their ecological footprint. Visits will include UNESCO-recognized sites (Dolomites), urban development projects (city of Trento), power plants (hydro dams), local agricultural initiatives (cheese making), meetings with experts, and more. The trip begins with a full day exploring the historic city of Verona.



Sample of Activities


  • Welcome and departure dinners
  • Guided excursion in the Ecomuseum Judicaria
  • Guided excursion in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park
  • Visit to MuSe science museum
  • Visit to UNESCO World Heritage prehistoric pile-dwellings museum and archaeological site
  • Guided excursion in the Storo area (agricultural projects, historic mining site)
  • Visits to various power plants
  • Guided excursion in Rovereto and the Gresta Valley (green tech hub, organic farming district, local producers)
  • biodiversity, heritage and sustainability activities
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