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Are you beginning your 1st year of college?

New and deeply transformational Ideas, technologies, and cultures are spreading across the globe faster and with greater impact every year.

So can your education. 

Humanity21 is a global approach to education that allows you to spend your first year abroad taking intensive classes both in person and online.  Your education will be built upon the trends, issues and skills that will prepare you for global citizenship, leadership, and unique career and life opportunities that open new doors and help you change the world.  Besides its global reach and a self-directed open architecture through the Whittier Scholars Program, Humanity21 goes beyond the typical first-year experience by connecting you with passionate and experienced Whittier College alumni from around the world, who can help you explore education, career and life-planning in ways that only a small-college community can provide.

STEP 1: Apply
STEP 2: Interviews
STEP 3: Notification of application status and confirmation of program
STEP 4: Planning and preparation
STEP 5: Connections and Contacts
STEP 6: Begin your education