China: Management in the 21st Century (May 17)

Title: Management in the 21st Century Price: $2000, includes airfare (estimate) Professor: Lana Nino (with special guest Edwin Keh) Credits: 4, Culture-2 Pre-req: BSAD 130 OR instructor permission, open to all majors This trip gives an extraordinary opportunity to experience business up close and personal in multiple cities throughout China, from Shanghai to Hong Kong. Whittier […]

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Rome on Film: (May 17)

Price: $2500 (does not include airfare of approx 1400) Professor: C. Eastman Dates: May 14th, 2016-May 29th (tentative) Lib Ed: CUL 5, Credits: 4 credits You’ll have accommodations in a wonderful area in the center of Rome, a crash course in survival Italian, welcome dinner and orientation, visits to contemporary and historic sites…and more! Overview: […]

Hong Kong: Courtesy Wikimedia

Water and Food: An Exploration of Hong Kong (May 17)

Water and Food: An Exploration of Hong Kong Cost: $1500.00 (approximate) Professor Cheryl Swift May 15, 2016-June 5th 2016 Pre-req: Envs 100 or Bio 251 This course explores the culture of food in Hong Kong, and examines the role of traditional shrimp farming practices in maintaining one of the most important mangrove forests in southeast […]

Germany (May 17): Managing Multinational Enterprises

BSAD 333: Managing Multinational Enterprises & International Finance Profs: Dan Duran and Fatos Radoniqi Price:  $2920  or $4544 including airfare!!!! There will also be a small additional fee from OIP to cover healthcare and liability. Note: We strongly encourage you to lock in your fare and use our affiliate as your travel agent! You can book your […]

Alt-Spring Break in China

Course Fee/Price: $500 (includes scholarship and airfare) Professors: Multiple professors (see description) Dates: March 11th-19th, 2017 Lib Ed: Multiple (see description) SPACE IS LIMITED! Apply now. For more information, visit the Office of International Programs. Join multiple faculty members for a once-in-a-lifetime trip this Spring Break. With co-funding from the Luce Foundation and The Hubert Perry […]

Brazil: Afro-Brazilian Community and Culture (J17)

Course Name: Afro-Brazilian Culture Professor: Dr. T. Delfin Credits: 3 Lib Ed.:  CUL-6 (Cross) Price: $2200 (subject to change) This two-week immersive Brazilian experience will begin in Salvador de Bahía. This beach town is famous as Brazil’s first capital and as the region where African culture is most preserved. Students will experience home stays, daily […]

New York City: Experimental Theater (J17)

Course Name: ENG390 – Experimental Drama in NYC Professor: Dr. Jonathan Burton Credits: 3 Price: $1300 Description: You’ll be housed in the heart of Manhattan near the corner of 5th avenue and Broadway as you attend and participate in two experimental theater festivals (Under the Radar at the Public Theater and COIL at Performance Space […]

Foro Romano

Greece & Rome: Classical Greece and Rome (J17)

Professor: Drs. Hunt and Furman Price: $2500 Credits: 3 Course Desc: This course provides a remarkable grounding in the humanities by taking us back to the beginnings of Western civilization in ancient Greece and Rome.  The time period covered is roughly the ninth century B.C.E. to the fourth century of the common era: the so-called […]

Costa Rica: Environmental Studies & Literacy Project (J17)

Students  choose between Environmental Science 360 (Dr. Fissore) or Urban education EDUC 220/520 (Dr. Soto-Hinman) for their study in Costa Rica. Price: $2200.00–includes lodging, most meals, and all in-country transport. Lib Ed: Natural Sciences (ENVS), CHDV Cultural Context of Childhood Click here for lodging and location info: Locations in Costa Rica 2017. Both trips also include lodging, in-country transport, […]

Spain: Progressive Teaching and Learning in Sevilla (J17)

Course Name: Education 282, Progressive Teaching and Learning in Sevilla Professor: A. Guevarra Credits: 4 Lib Ed.: CUL-6, Service Learning Price: approx. $1600 (subject to change) Tentative Dates: January 8-21, 2017 Description: This course enables undergraduate and graduate students to understand the principles and practices of community-based education through both participation and academic study at […]

Up to $20,000 to study African Language in Africa

Boren Scholarships for up to 20,000 are available to undergraduates who would like to study French and Portuguese next summer and then study abroad in Africa next fall.  There are a number of programs available.  French students would take French in Florida, and then go to Senegal in the fall to continue French and learn […]

Freeman-Asia scholarships

Hi, Whittier students!  Don’t forget that Whittier’s deadline for application to study abroad is at the end of September (always check your destination program for deadlines too!). If you are studying in Asia, you can also apply for an external scholarship from IIE.  Read more below… The Institute of International Education (IIE) is now accepting […]

Info you can use!

Ok, it’s September 8th and you should be thinking about that chemistry homework.  But in the back of your mind, you’re also thinking about January and your trip abroad.  The U.S. Department of state is a great place to learn about the issues and responsibilities facing any traveler.  You’ll probably also want to consult a […]

46 reasons study abroad is good for you

Link: Besides the obvious enrichment of travel, study abroad offers opportunities for growth and enrichment beyond that: job skills, intercultural understanding, citizenship, linguistic skills…  Well, there are a lot of reasons!  Just take a look at this article and see.